“Jesus went with him”. 
Mk 5:24 NIV 

People who make a special journey feel themselves bonded with their fellow-travellers. Servicemen who have served in a war, since they have lost some friends in action, feel a special closeness to those who served with them once the war is over. Even school friends and college colleagues develop a similar sense of camaraderie. So an important question all through life is, “Who journeys with you?” 
There is a weight of meaning in this short phrase in the story of the healing of Jairus’ daughter. The man himself was walking “through the valley of the shadow of death”. His girl, according to Jewish custom, was emerging on the threshold of womanhood. And his father-love was experiencing great pressure due to the anxiety her illness was causing. In the most desperate hour of need he had ever known, “Jesus went with him”. He went with him because he chose to – to support him, to encourage him, and to be God for him. 
And Jesus journeys with you too. You may be walking with a severe illness. You do not walk alone. You may have suffered a bereavement, a financial setback, a family breakdown, or a loss of employment and you are feeling that life is a tough, heartless, cruel journey. You do not walk alone. There was once a couple who walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus, shattered because the one they had trusted had been killed and had failed to be the great deliverer they had expected him to be. Yet he walked with them and transformed their grief into joy and faith. He journeys with you to accompany you in the inevitable pain that is part of life. Always with you. Always caring. Always strong. 

Lord, journey with me, right to the end.