“Just believe”. 

Mk 5:36 NIV 

Many people find it hard to make faith a permanent attitude and commitment. When we are on a spiritual “high” it seems so obvious. The world is a wonderful place. God is an amazing God. And salvation is a marvellous state to be in. Nothing is farther from our minds than temptation, or fear, or doubt. But we make some mistake, find ourselves faltering, the sun vanishes from the sky – and we sense we are slipping helplessly down into a spiritual canyon. Then we start to feel guilty that we see-saw so easily between confidence and despair. 
When the news came that the daughter of Jairus had died, Jesus immediately assumed control of the situation – and sensed that Jairus would now crumble. He had trusted Christ so implicitly. Would he now abandon the faith he had had – and which he had tried so hard to maintain in the face of the criticism he would in all likelihood walk into from other synagogue officials? When Jesus tells him to have faith he is saying – “Trust God and me – and don’t be dictated to by the circumstances”. The woman Jesus had healed had managed to trust until she was whole – and at peace with God and herself. Jesus had shown his intention to make the girl well – so he, Jairus must hold that faith too. “It is significant that the tense for believing means ‘keep on believing’. The sense is ‘Don’t go on fearing the worst, but do keep on believing for the best’. The bridge from the one to the other is Jesus’ presence to heal the girl. Jairus had begun well. He must not lose faith now” (D. English, ”The Message of Mark”, p116). 
Keep on trusting Jesus too. 

Lord, help me to keep on believing whatever the situation.