“He gave strict orders not to let anyone know about this, and told them to give her something to eat”. 

Mk 5:43 NIV 

Today there are highly skilled people who specialize in using the media to get publicity for themselves or their cause. They cultivate relations with people in the media by feting them with lunches, gifts and bits of inside information. They make no secret of how they go to great lengths “to get mileage” out of any event which might serve their purpose. One of their principles is, “If it isn’t in the media, it hasn’t happened”. 
The miracles of Jesus were no publicity stunt to get him known and recognized. They were not even impressive wonders to engender belief on the part of those witnessing them. They were acts of God in which Jesus showed the power of God and the rule of God over the powers of evil, nature and people. 
“Mark is also making plain the fact that Jesus is Lord, over nature, evil spirits, illness and death. Yet triumphalism is absent, both from the language used and the mood described. He is Lord in lowly service of those in need – frightened disciples, fearfully possessed human beings, timid sufferers in the crowd, and beloved children for whose healing faith pleads. Even in the ascription of power and triumph to Christ, Mark is preparing for the story to unfold as a journey of obedience and lowly suffering. This is why belief based on observed miracle and heard parable would not be adequate. It has to be belief in him, a belief which will survive the vicissitudes of the road to Jerusalem, via Gethsemane and Pilate’s Hall to the cross and beyond” (D. English, “The Message of Mark” p117). 

Lord, let me press on to true faith in you.