“Daughter, you took a risk of faith, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed! Be healed of your plague”. 

Mk 5:34 EHP 

In the midst of the chaos of the storm on the lake, the demoniac in the mountains, the raising of the dead girl and the healing of the woman who touched his garment, Mark points us to two things – the extraordinary power of the kingly rule of God and the compassion and love of Jesus to overcome all obstacles. 
“The model for believers today, as we engage in God’s mission to his world, points to ways in which we, like Jesus, should be his instruments today for taking on and defeating those forces which terrify, oppress and imprison human beings. They extend from those forces which deliberately aim to destroy moral standards based on God’s laws, through all that cheapens, demeans and warps human life, to those who through the structures at their disposal assign individuals and groups to subhuman existences. Working behind all that, and the sinfulness in individual human lives, are the forces of evil in the world. 
Our Lord’s pattern is one of bringing the power of love to bear on all such situations and relationships, loosening the grip of evil, and setting people free. The path for that victory is the lowly one of self-giving as he gave, risking ourselves as he did, dying and rising daily with him. A church so committed is set to be used to establish God’s kingdom by his power. Mark wishes us to know that this journey can only pass, in obedience to Christ, via Calvary and the empty tomb, in the footsteps of the Master” (D. English, “The Message of Mark”, p118). 

Lord, let your love still triumph over evil.