“Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live”. 
Mk 5:23 NIV 

Hands are a significant part of the human body. With them we eat our food, write our names, create all kinds of signs such as “Shush” with a finger to our lips, or “Stop” with both palms pushing out in front of us. We use our hands to dress with, to carry articles, to paint, to make music, to drive, to express affection and earn a living. God gave us body parts with a huge variety of uses when he gave us hands. 
In the Bible, “the laying on of hands is a common gesture used in connection with sacrifices (when the worshipper laid hands on the animal signifying his own identification with the death of the animal), punishment of a criminal, blessing, healing, commissioning, ordination, etc. … Mark considers the matter of physical contact to be important” (E. Schweizer, The Good News According to Mark, p 117). There was a feeling that the physical contact conveyed something from the person doing the touching to the one being touched. Jairus wanted the touch of God on his daughter, for he knew that this would mean healing. 
Many people who practice spiritual healing today still lay hands on the person for whom they are asking God’s healing. Some of those who have been helped in this way testify to having sensed a slight warming on the part of the body where the hands of the healer have been placed. God has many ways of working, as Jesus showed, and Christian disciples should be grateful for every way or method by which God has been able to help people who are, or have been, suffering. 

Lord, heal those suffering in whatever way may be suitable.