“(Jesus) said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you’”. 
Mk 5:34 NIV 

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ involves having faith. But does that mean believing something you actually think is not true? Or does it mean accepting everything the church says about God and about Jesus? And if you are ill does having faith mean you refuse to get help from medical science? 
There is a lot about faith in Mark’s Gospel. There are many instances of strong faith. And there is often faith in unexpected people. And there are surprising instances of lack of faith. When Jesus was asleep in the boat on the lake and the storm blew up, the disciples panicked. After calming the storm Jesus admonished the disciples and asked them, “Do you still have no faith?” (Mk 4:40 NIV). And the religious teachers who should have had faith had none. Then this simple woman, declared “unclean” by religious convention, pops up anonymously in a crowd, interrupts Jesus on his way to heal Jairus’ daughter, touches his clothes, and receives not only physical healing, but ritual cleansing as well. And this restored her to a place in normal society. And Jesus says that was faith. We have to be careful not to miss the point that it was God who did the healing through Jesus. It wasn’t any trick on the woman’s part. The woman believed implicitly that Jesus both could and would grant her request. And she trusted him so completely she was prepared to risk problems by touching other people whom she would thereby render “unclean”. By trusting Jesus she was made whole by him. 
Make following, believing and trusting Jesus the focus of your whole existence. In good times and in bad. 

Lord, increase my faith. And go on doing it.