“I went because God revealed to me that I should go”. 

Gal 2:2 GNB 

In 1823 a young Methodist minister in Grahamstown, South Africa, who was ministering to the 1820 settlers in what became “the city of saints” felt that God was leading him to go out and bring the message of Christ to a tribe of local African people whose chief had requested him to do so. His name was William Shaw. He was 23 years old. Older people in the area advised against it as it was too dangerous. He discussed it with his 20 year old wife who said, “Yes, let us go in the name of the Lord”. He took all this to be a command from God and they went to start what became one of the greatest missionary ventures ever in South Africa. When some forty years had elapsed William Shaw and his wife Ann, had established a whole chain of mission stations along the Eastern Cape interior reaching right up to the border with Natal. (One of them he called Clarkebury which later became the school where Nelson Mandela received his early education). It happened because God gave the orders and Shaw obeyed. 
During the controversy about the requirements of the Jewish law in the early church God instructed the apostle Paul to go to Jersualem to confer with the older apostles. He obeyed. It was a vital move on his part because it led to a later large gathering which defined the church’s way forward in the matter. It also confirmed Paul as one of the really strong leaders in the New Testament church. When God is clearly showing you the way forward, follow where he leads. When he gives the orders, take them. 

Lord, help me to obey your every command.