“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”. 

Gal 1:3 NIV 

When we wish goodwill to someone we don’t always know what words to use. If we say, “Blessings be upon you” it is very vague and doesn’t say all that much. 
Paul knew exactly what to wish his fellow-believers in Galatia. He knew also that he was going to reprimand them in some ways so he knew it would be as well to start with wishing them certain gifts of God. “He wishes them grace. There are two main ideas in the word grace. The first is the idea of sheer beauty. The Greek word charis means grace in the theological sense; but it also means beauty and charm; and even when it is theologically used the idea of charm is never far away from it. If the Christian life has grace in it then it must be a lovely thing. Far too often goodness exists without charm, and charm without goodness. It is when goodness and charm unite that the work of grace is seen. The second idea is that of sheer undeserved generosity. The idea is that of a gift which a person never deserved and could never earn, and which is given to the recipient in the generous goodness and love of the heart of God. … He also wishes them peace. Paul was a Jew, and the Jewish word shalom must have been in his mind… It means far more than the absence of trouble. It means everything that is for a person’s highest good. It means everything that will make a person’s mind pure, his will resolute and his heart glad” (W. Barclay, “The Letter to the Galatians” p8). 
Know God’s grace and peace today. 

Lord, fill me with your grace and peace.