“I saw none of the other apostles – only James, the Lord’s brother”. 

Gal 1:19 NIV 

When there has been strife and people calm down, think of the effects of things they have said and done, and then desire to move on, they feel a need to “clear the air” with the people they have wronged or clashed with. 
It is possible that when Paul made his visit to Jerusalem to see Peter he also engaged in “repairing bridges”. He would have done this with Peter. But in Jerusalem James, Jesus’ brother, had emerged as a man of stature in the church and had become a sort of president whilst Peter led the apostolic mission. Paul had been in Jerusalem when the mob stoned the first deacon, Stephen, to death. And he had helped them by looking after their clothes whilst they did their foul deed (Acts 7:58). Paul now returned to the scene of those far-off events. He would need to “make his number” with James so that he (James) would be able to assure the Jerusalem church of his (Paul’s) credibility, repentance and acceptance. He would also need to get the agreement of the church to go ahead with the mission to the Gentiles that he was planning. No doubt also James would be able to fill in plenty of background about the early life of Jesus in Nazareth. Paul would have learnt of the quality of life of Jesus’ early years and the authenticity of his teaching in the light of his character. In all these things James would have been an invaluable source of knowledge for Paul. 
If you have been involved in spats or clashes that have caused harm, go and initiate reconciliation with those concerned. Then go forward in faith. 

Lord, help me to get reconciled with those I have wronged.