“Even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!” 

Gal 1:8 NIV 

There are many misconceptions about Christianity. Some people assume it is all about living a good life and thereby compelling God to admit you to heaven after you have died. Others think it is all about being kind. For them the creeds, the Bible and the church are irrelevant. Others again think that the major criterion is “being nice”. For some it is about working your way up the various rungs of importance in the church – it is called “churchmanship”. 
People with a wrong understanding of Christianity had infiltrated the Galatian church communities. Paul had taught that people are saved by God’s grace alone through Christ. The false gospel that people came along declaring was that you had to fulfil the requirements of the Jewish law before you were acceptable to God. This particularly referred to the rite of circumcision and they made this the deciding factor. Those Christians who had been circumcised were “saved”. Those who hadn’t weren’t. It never occurred to the purveyors of this false gospel that they were automatically excluding all Christian women from fellowship with God and salvation in Christ! For them you earned your rightful status with God by being circumcised. Paul had taught that the grace of God was free – and free for all. Nothing you did could earn merit with God. Absolutely nothing. 
This is still the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust in Jesus and in what he has done for you, accept his forgiveness for your sins, and he extends his grace to you however good or bad you are. 

Lord, thank you that your grace is “divinely free”.