“The Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins”. 

Gal 1:3, 4 NIV 

Someone once stated, “Only two things are certain in life – taxes and death”. He was wrong. There is a third certainty – sin. Look all around you and you will see it on every hand. Big sins. Lit- tle sins. Obvious sins. Secret sins. And look into your own heart. If you look long enough, hard enough and honestly enough you will find sins there as well. And you will probably find sins that have led others into sin as well. 
Dealing with sin has been a problem for humanity since Adam. It is a theme that threads its way throughout the Old Testament. The whole elaborate sacrificial system of the Hebrews was designed to take sin seriously and to provide a way for God and alienated sinners to be reconciled. Paul had a deep sense of sin. But he knew that once he had been converted to Christ and trusted him for salvation, then he was forgiven for Christ had given himself on the cross as the “one, perfect and sufficient sacrifice for sin”. And Paul was profoundly grateful for this saving act of Christ on his behalf. He had struggled with sin and with guilt. No amount of effort or good works on his part could atone for his sins. But Christ could and Christ did. This was what made Paul a new man in Christ. This too was what drove him to the far corners of the Roman Empire telling others about the crucified and risen Christ. 
Confess your sins to Jesus Christ and accept his forgiveness and salvation. Receive the new life as Christ’s gift, rejoice in his grace and live evermore to him alone. 

Thank you Lord that you gave yourself for my sins.