“From Paul, whose call to be an apostle did not come from human beings or by human means, but from Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him from death”. 

Gal 1:1 GNB 

One of the important – some say the important – factor that defines business management is getting the right answer to the question, “What is our business?” A shop which answers that question by saying, “Our business is providing the public with good quality shoes” makes thereby the decision not to stock cheap or poor quality shoes. It also states that its prices may go higher than other shoe stores. It also decides that it won’t stock trousers, even if trousers happen to be more profitable. 
We also need to decide what event or characteristic best defines Jesus Christ. Is it his miracles of healing, or his beautiful teaching, his death, or leadership of the disciples? In this opening sentence of his letter to the Galatians Paul defines Jesus Christ by his resurrection. In doing so he also defines God as “the Father who raised Jesus Christ from the dead”. This puts the resurrection as the supreme event in the New Testament – and therefore in the whole Bible. 
Don’t be content with any lesser definition. The Jesus who healed the blind is the Christ who rose from the dead; he who stilled the storm and blessed the children is the risen Christ. He who walks with you day by day, guides you through turmoil, heals you from disease, blesses you with good health or prosperity, calls you to make sacrifices in order to serve him, and holds you together through trouble and stress – he is the Christ of the resurrection. Never be sidetracked into any other way of regarding him. 

Risen Lord, define my faith , my life, my all.