“The Lord Jesus Christ … gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age”. 

Gal 1:3, 4 NIV 

From time to time some great mind thinks up a new and novel way of looking at life and the world. Until 1530 everybody believed that the sun went round the earth. Then a Polish astronomer by the name of Nicholas Copernicus came up with the idea that it was the opposite way round. The sun, he claimed, was the centre of the universe, and the earth and other planets revolved round the sun. At that time it was a revolutionary theory. Now we know he was right. 
In the days of the New Testament an idea was prevalent in which time was divided into two ages. The present age was thought to be totally evil. It was given over to sin of every kind, and destruction was nigh. It was so bad that there was no way it could be saved or redeemed. Then there was the future or new age which was still to come. It would be a golden age of God’s powerful rule. Goodness would flourish, righteousness would abound. Peace would replace war and prosperity would take over from poverty. The Christians decided that in the coming of Jesus Christ the new age had broken in and was going to come to consummation. The old evil age had not quite run its course – so there was an overlap with both ages running parallel. But the arrival of Christ brought hope that the golden age had finally arrived. 
In fact there is always evil. And there is always God at work. The evil and the good exist alongside each other. Look for the good and find God in it. 

Lord, help me to live with the tension between good and evil.