“He bared his arm and showed his strength, scattered the bluffing braggarts”. 

Lk 1:51 EHP 

In case you hadn’t noticed it, Christmas is about God. It should be about nothing else, but (just about) everything else has climbed on the band wagon and (very nearly) pushed God off. Feasting, spending, drinking, partying, holidaying, sport, entertainment and many other things have combined to divert attention from the main actor – God. 
Mary’s song was all about God and what he had done. He had done great things for her. But more than that, he had been busy out in the big wide world. That world had plenty of bluffing braggarts. They were the kings, the emperors, the generals, the rich and powerful people who strutted their stuff and made a big show of how powerful and threatening they were. And often the history of the times shows how they were brought down by someone even bigger and mightier, or by some treachery within their own ranks. An empire would rise, its ruler an effective military commander. He would increase the boundaries of the empire by one military conquest after another. Just when he looked to be invincible, and was thinking that he was, along would come some other rising star and outdo the first one. It went on and on. With an understanding that God was acting behind the scenes on the world stage, Mary declared that it was God who brought them down. Most of them had become too big for their boots. 
Don’t be too overawed by the bluffing braggarts of the twenty-first century. Some will be cast aside by their own humble people through the ballot box, others by powers greater than themselves. God will see to it. He always has. 

Lord, bring down those who are too big for their boots.