“I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”. 

Gal 2:20 NIV 

Sometimes a person becomes addicted to liquor. His, or her, temperament seems to change, attitudes become irrational, the person becomes dangerous and frequently lashes out in violence. People often say of such a person, “I don’t know what’s got into him. He’s like a devil”. Such language indicates that we recognize a distinct difference – a change of personality. 
Exactly the opposite happens when a person hands over control of his or her life to Jesus Christ. Then, not a demon, but Christ lives within them. From obsession with the Jewish law and with his own obedience to it Paul switched to possession by Christ. He had died to himself. Now Christ lived within him. He made a big impact in Paul. Now the man was energized by love for Christ and for others. He was tirelessly driven to seek more people to tell them of Jesus. Instead of inflicting suffering on Christians he was ready to suffer for Christ. All his thoughts revolved around Christ and about witnessing to his love and mercy. Above all, gratitude to Christ became the mainspring of his whole life and ministry. He wanted to talk about Christ and tell people about his love. He wanted to imitate Christ in his thought and actions. He wanted Christ to be formed in him, to live in him. 
Do the same. If you are going to die to yourself you had better let someone else come alive in you and there is no better person to do this than Jesus. Build your dreams around him. Let his mind dictate your thoughts, heal your hurts, and influence your character. Now and always. 

O Jesus Christ, grow thou in me, And all things else recede.
– J.C. Lavater