“I have been crucified with Christ”. 

Gal 2:20 NIV 

Being a follower of Christ makes different demands on different people. For one person, such as Mother Teresa, it involves a life of selflessly serving other people. For another it leads to faithful witness in a hostile situation. For Paul it was a life of toil, travel and teaching. 
Bryan Green told an interesting story. “Some years ago there came to Birmingham Parish Church a young Hindu. His father was a lay Hindu high priest in Assam, wealthy and aristocratic. The young fellow came to our church, because an older brother had told him: ‘When you go to England go along to a Christian Church. You will find the people there sociable and friendly, but they will not try to make you a Christian, so you need not worry’. He found with us, so he told me after a time, friendship and kindness; he was accepted by our young people, and made to feel at home. Two or three years passed. He prayed with us, and he worshipped with us. Some of our young people discussed religion with him, but nobody tried to convert him. Then the Gospel of Christ began to work in his heart and mind. At length he made his decision and accepted Christ as his Saviour and Lord. He came and asked me for baptism. ‘I can never return to my father’s home, I know; it might even mean death if I did. As well as this exile I am willing to suffer anything in gratitude for the love of Christ. One Pentecost Sunday morning I baptized him. Then I understood something of the meaning of suffering for Christ” (B. Green, Saints Alive, p72). 

Lord, help me to make any sacrifice for you.