“(God) has filled the hungry with good things”. 

Lk 1:53 NIV 

About thirty or forty years ago it was reported that the world’s super powers had built up enough nuclear weapons to kill every man, woman and child on the face of the earth one hundred 
and fifty seven times over. At the same time millions of people all over the world were dying of hunger. We live in a strange world. We live in an evil world. We always have. 
Living in Nazareth Mary would have seen fine crops growing in the plain of Esdraelon. Not far away to the east the Jordan River wended its way from the Sea of Galilee down to the Dead Sea, creating a wide, fertile valley as it went, and no doubt farmers made good use of this natural resource. In any case, Palestine was a generally fertile country and Mary would have seen evidence of abundance in the crops and the food available. She knew, too, that God provided this bounty from nature and so he had filled the hungry with good things. It was part of her hymn of praise that she sang in joy in the “Magnificat”. 
Twenty centuries of development later have seen the problem of poverty and hunger increase. Weapons that will never be used are being manufactured at a furious rate. And millions all over the world go hungry. It doesn’t make sense – except that it makes the already rich even richer still. Christian disciples will pray about this problem and do whatever they can to remedy the situation. They will think about the economic and political aspects of this and will seek to accept responsibility for putting the wrongs right. Christian love and common justice demand it. 

Lord, bring the world to tackle meaningfully the global problem of hunger.