“My soul glorifies the Lord”. 
Lk 1:46 NIV 

In this pre-Christmas time there are many things that can divert us from focusing on the Christ who is at the heart of the whole celebration. Today there is a big emphasis on feasting – and not just once but it becomes an ongoing serial feast. Together with this there is drinking – sometimes too much – and all that that signifies. The buying of presents becomes an arduous slog. The hosting of family or friends puts more pressure on people. Then there is the financial aspect, frequently meaning extra expense. 
We therefore remember Mary and her song of joy and praise, taking note of some of the things she sang. The angel having announced that she was to bear a son, the girl responded by declaring, “My soul glorifies the Lord”. She did not recoil in fear or withdraw in fright from the task God had in store for her. She glorified God. In doing so she rose to the highest activity of which human beings are capable. In responding to God’s call she grew in spiritual stature. Most women are thrilled to become pregnant. It “raises them up” to use the words of the song. But Mary forgot herself and the significance and importance to which this assignment was going to bring to her. Instead of saying, “What a good girl am I”, she pointed rather to God. 
Glorify God this Christmas. In all your rush and bustle don’t neglect to take part in worship, nor to maintain your normal devotional disciplines. Like Mary, put God at the centre of your Christmas. In fact try to devote a little more effort and time to glorifying him. He is, after all, the reason for the season. 

Lord, let me glorify you now and throughout the year.