“He has been mindful of the humble state of his servant”. 

Lk 1:48 NIV 

Whether you like or dislike someone depends on your attitudes, standards, hopes and expectations every bit as much as on the other person. And a person someone will approve and like the next person will dislike intensely. When a son who is gifted and is obviously “going places” brings home a girl from a poor home and who doesn’t dress too well or speak in too refined a voice, the boy’s mother will in all probability disapprove of her, afraid that she will “drag her boy down”. 
Mary was a country girl, and no doubt poor as well. She might not have appealed to the up-market young males of Nazareth. And Nazareth was not one of the main centres of Palestine, anyway, being far away in the north of the country. But God chose her to be the woman to bear his only Son. He often makes decisions and chooses people whom humans would disdain. Mary knew she was in “a humble state”. Maybe that was the very reason God chose her? Maybe he wanted a gentle, humble person to bear and bring up the unique person his Son was going to be? 
We tend to overlook the people we regard as being of lowly status. To us they are “nobodies”. To God they are precious. And he knows they are capable of being “somebodies”. So don’t write yourself off, and don’t let others write you off either. God may have special things for you to do that no one else can. They may be big, important things or they might be small and unseen things that God wants nevertheless. Let him call you, touch you and use you. 

Lord, thank you that you are mindful of me too.