“I identified myself completely with him”. 

Gal 2:19 EHP 

“It is said that once a young soldier, lying in pain in a hospital, said to Florence Nightingale as she bent over him to tend him, ‘You’re Christ to me’” (W. Barclay, The Letters to the Corinthians, p87). Many poor people in Kolkata felt the same about Mother Teresa. Some have found a parent or a teacher, or a spiritual guide, to have the same effect on them. 
Paul’s battle with observing the law had confused and confounded him. He thought it would draw him close to God. It did nothing of the sort. It left him miserable, guilty and empty. And he was still alienated from God. In fact he felt further away from God than ever. When he met Christ on the road to Damascus he knew his sins were forgiven and he was accepted by Christ as a fellow-son of God. From this time on, he decided that his spiritual quest would be dedicated to knowing Christ as a personal friend and Saviour. Furthermore he knew that now the same Christ was his Lord whom, out of gratitude, he wanted to serve and obey. He knew that Christ was motivated and driven by love, and he decided that he too would be driven and motivated by the same unselfish, sacrificial love.
If you have been trying to earn God’s approval by obeying certain rules, or by performing acts of kindness, or by serving the church, or by “being good”, or by “sticking to the straight and narrow”, stop. It will get you nowhere. Instead let Christ have complete control and make him your role model. Let his rich, pure, unselfish love dominate your whole life and live for others.

Lord, help me to identify completely with you.