“He has lifted up the humble”. 
Lk 1:52 NIV 

Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said: “God must have loved the plain people: he made so many of them”. Not many people achieve distinction. There are far more poor people than there are rich ones. And the vast majority of people live quiet and insignificant lives. Sadly, many of them are exploited by the strong, the powerful and the rich. And few of them can do anything about it. 
Mary, the mother of Jesus was poor, and she was one of the common people. But she was full of insights into the way of the world, and she observed the social and historical scene round her. She took note of the fact that God brought the proud and haughty down. And sometimes he lifted up those who were lowly, poor and insignificant. She remembered that David had been a poor shepherd boy, till God raised him up. He became Israel’s greatest king ever. She had heard about the boy Samuel and knew that he too, was just a lowly boy assisting in the temple until God called him to become a great leader. And Amos had been a simple farmer until God gave him a powerful message. 
Many people throughout the world today dwell on Mary’s Christmas song and pray that Mary’s claims will become, not just dreams, but reality in their lives. They hope that God will raise them up from their lives of misery and impoverishment and that they will not have to see out their days always pandering in servility under the domination of the rich and powerful. Pray for them. Mary teaches us that God loves us beyond our spiritual lives. He wants us to be whole and complete. 

Lord, enable the humble to live lives of fulfilment and purpose.