“I have been crucified with Christ. My ego is no longer central”. 
Gal 2:20 EHP 
Many people have problems with their ego. Some have too big an ego – they think they are more important and powerful than they really are. Then some have too small an ego – they belittle themselves all the time, and often underachieve because their expectations of themselves are too low. Most people are driven by their ego. They think positively of themselves and try to live up to what their ego tells them they are capable. Those with an inflated sense of their ego seem to believe that the world revolves around them and them alone. 
Paul came face to face with Christ on the road to Damascus. It led to a complete revision for him of his ego. Instead of Paul being the centre of his world, he now put Christ there. He crucified his old self – his ego that was proud of his achievements in obeying the law. He handed over his ego to Christ and let him reconfigure it. There is a saying, “Pride goes before a fall” and in his ongoing encounter with Christ, Paul’s pride went before a huge fall. Now he became humble because Christ was the Lord of his life, the master of his destiny and the model by which he judged himself and other people. His love of himself gave way to love for Christ – a love in which he responded positively to Christ’s love for him. 
When Christ claims you for his own you too have to surrender your ego to him. Instead of being the Lord of your own life, hand over to Jesus and be possessed by the greatest love the world has ever known. 

Lord Jesus Christ, let me be crucified with you.