“He knocked tyrants off their high horses, pulled victims out of the mud”. 

Lk 1:52 EHP 

Some people are consumed by the lust for power. They go to great lengths to get it. Often when they do, they abuse it horribly. And the power-mongers operate in all walks of life – homes, businesses, professions, sport, banking, educational institutions, politics (especially), the media and the church. Human society seems unable to function without power structures all over the place. And so many problems arise from the misuse of power. Lord Acton’s saying has been repeated ad nauseam: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. History is littered with many examples that illustrate the truth of that observation. And there are as many tyrants today as ever there were in ancient times. 
The great missionary Stanley Jones said, “The Magnificat is the most revolutionary document in the world”. It constitutes a theology of history with political allusions in almost every sentence. If you believe that “Christianity has nothing to do with politics” then you had better not read Mary’s Christmas hymn. It will shock you. Mary believed that God was a potent factor in what we call the secular world. And she said that God was on the side of the weak, the humble, the hungry and the downtrodden – just in case you were under the misapprehension that he was neutral! Usually history is written by the victors. Mary rewrote it from the standpoint of the vanquished. 
Mary speaks to every age. The tyrants of today need to hear her warning and threat every bit as much as they did centuries ago. “History” she says, “is in the hands of God, not on the horses of the high and mighty”. 

Lord, bring down more tyrants – today.