“The Mighty One has done great things for me”. 

Lk 1:49 NIV 

As we have observed before, the Bible contains many names and titles for God. He is “the Almighty”. He is “the Lord”, and sometimes just plain “God”. He is judge, shepherd, father and warrior. He is Creator and king. In Jerusalem they had the name “God Most High”, and the prophets often refer to God as “The Lord of Hosts”. 
Mary, knowing she is to mother God’s specially chosen and appointed one, Jesus, bursts forth into praise of God as “The Mighty One”. In the Old Testament in particular, many of the titles and names applied to God carry the notion of power. As creator he had exhibited power in taming the primeval chaos at creation. In rescuing his children from their slavery in Egypt he had exercised his power in clearing the water at the time of the Exodus. They were very conscious of his power in and over, nature. The significance of the words in Mary’s song is that “the Mighty One” did great things for her on a personal level. By calling her to this amazing task he had raised her to a place of respect and adoration. She did not seek prominence and significance, but he had brought this upon her. Today she is adored by millions in Catholic worship throughout the world. 
Always remember that God is the mighty one. He is still mighty, even if the tendency in most of Christianity is to emphasize the softer images of shepherd, friend, counselor, physician and brother. As we worship this week the baby in his weakness and vulnerability, let us not forget that he is the Son of “the Mighty One” who still “does great things” for people. 

Lord, you are the Mighty One. Do great things again.