“The Son of God, ... loved me and gave his life for me”. 
Gal 2:20 GNB
People with a message for the public have to be careful that they get the right message over. It is easy to confuse the messages that are being put out. If a politician wants to say to the electorate, “We are the party for the poor”, for example, and then rides around in a super expensive car, ignores going to the districts where the poor abound, and buys lots of expensive properties, then he is sending out mixed signals.
Paul knew that the good news of Jesus Christ that had enabled him to receive forgiveness and salvation was all derived from the action God had taken. He had come in the person of Jesus Christ, who had humbled himself as a slave, and then who gave himself as a sacrifice for his (Paul’s) sins. This disclosed to him the amazing fact that God loved him and that Jesus had given himself for him. However commonplace that may sound to us now, it was new, unusual, and world-changing in Paul’s day. And that event became the centre and spring of Paul’s whole outlook on life and the core of his message to whatever people he was speaking. He was no longer teaching, “You must do this, you mustn’t do that”. It was now, “God has done this. God has done that - for you”.
The message of the gospel today must focus on what God has done and is doing as well. Somehow what gets said sounds like, “God is love, so let’s all be nice to each other”. The gospel is a declaration of what God has done, not a demand that we be nice.

Lord, let the true message of the gospel be heard far and wide.