“My soul is glad because of God my Saviour”. 

Lk 1:47 GNB 

What makes you glad? Is it having all the family together round the table for Christmas lunch with all the joy and happiness that generates? Or is it watching your favourite soccer player scoring a goal? Maybe watching the flowers you have planted bursting forth in colour and filling the garden with radiance? Or catching a glimpse of a baby’s smile? 
Mary, the mother of Jesus, sang her song of joy and praise when she was told by the angel that she would bear a child who would be “called Son of the Most High”. A phrase she used was this one, “My soul is glad because of God my Saviour”. She wasn’t glad because she had won the lottery, or because a “nice young man” had proposed to her, nor because they were building a new synagogue in Nazareth, nor because the grape harvest was especially bountiful that year. It was God who made her glad. He was the God who had called her forefather Abraham to trek to Israel in search of a promised land, who had brought Moses and the whole tribe out of slavery in Egypt, who had raised up prophets to speak his message, brought them back out of exile in Babylon, and above all, who had given them the law as the bedrock of their life as a society and nation. It was God, and not any of the lesser things of this passing life, that gave her joy. 
Let the same God make you glad this Christmas and all the time. Keep your focus on him, and on the wholeness of life he has brought to you in and through his Son Jesus Christ. 

Lord, make me glad today and always.