“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day”.

Ex 16:4 NIV

One of the mysterious and beautiful things about life is that it is designed so that you will make your way in a competitive society and, as is sometimes said, “You make your own luck”. But human life is strange. You enter an environment – and continue to live in it – in which so much that you need comes from outside yourself. Minerals come from under the ground – or the sea. The food you need comes directly or indirectly from nature. And clothes are derived from nature as well. We are all, ultimately, dependent on the earth and the sky, for the water we desperately need comes from heaven in the form of rain from the sky.

“Manna probably refers to a sweet, sticky substance produced by a number of insects that suck the tender twigs of tamarisk bushes in the desert region of Sinai. This ‘honeydew excretion’ falls to the ground where, in the hot desert air, the drops quickly evaporate, leaving a solid residue. During the day the sweet grains are carried off by ants, but overnight they accumulate, and thus early risers can gather the substance for food. In the Arabic world man is still the name for these plant insects, and their honeydew, which is regarded as a great delicacy, is called ‘man essimma’ or ‘manna from heaven;” (B.W. Anderson, The Living World of the Old Testament, p55-6).

For Christian disciples Jesus Christ is the bread of life and back of all human life is the provision of God throughout nature which yields the daily bread we eat and live by.


Lord, let me always feed on you.