“Then Moses told Aaron, ‘Say to the entire Israelite community, ‘Come before the Lord, for he has heard your grumbling”.

Ex 16:9 NIV

God is quite accustomed to hearing us humans grumbling – we do it so often he should be! Whilst it is just everyday conversation to grumble about the weather and the price of petrol, it is more pointed when we complain and ask why God allowed our loved one to die so young when so many bad people live on to a ripe old age. We question his justice in many situations and complain that things are all wrong. And when we have to suffer then the injustice seems so much worse.

Sometimes people feel guilty when they have been railing against God in this way. They need to heed Moses’ call to come before the Lord. The answer is “Yes, God knows you have been grumbling. And he accepts you, moans and all, because he knows how tough, how very tough, life is for some people. He is probably not nearly as put out by your negative attitude as you fear he is. If you are open and honest with him it means he has your attention. And he would far rather you were in conflict with him than to have you fading away into indifference. God does know the extent to which your faith has been tried and how much you have been tested. He knows that under provocation from the sometimes unbearable circumstances you have had to cope with that you have been subject to trial and tribulation as much as anyone can bear.

Without any further ado, come before him now, put the animosity behind you and take up your walk with him again.


Lord, help me to leave the past and move forward with you.