“The Israelites ate manna for the next forty years, until they reached the land of Canaan, where they settled”.

Ex 16:35 GNB

Nearly everyone today knows that there is an art in feeding a group of people on an ongoing basis. There needs to be a variety of different foods. And they are best cooked in different ways, fried, roasted, boiled, stewed and so forth. Further than this, different ways of decorating the table with a variety of colours helps to make the food more interesting. A wise cook will find innovative ways to make the food taste different and look appetising.

We do not know what the Israelite cooks did with the same supply of manna for forty years. They no doubt decorated it, cut it up differently, roasted it, fried it, boiled it, grilled it and made it into different shapes. You can almost imagine those doing the cooking exchanging recipes along the way with each other – anything to add variety to the meals. They must have yearned for the Promised Land – and especially for the vegetables they would be able to grow and use in the meals. All the time the manna they were eating was God’s food, God’s provision and God’s bounty. Some at least must have been thinking, “How he must love us to provide this food all down these long years”.

So we too must ever be thankful for the food God provides, even during times of drought. We must think of and marvel at the pro- cesses of nature, the variety of food produced and the various ways that have been devised to prepare and present it. We will al- so be especially grateful to those involved in making our food. We must pray for those who have little or none.


Lord, help us to provide food for all.