“In the desert the whole community grumbled against Aaron and Moses”.

Ex 16:2 NIV

One of the permanent features of human life is that we can (nearly) all grumble. There was once a little rhyme that went:

“I once knew a man and his name was Horner, And he used to live at Grumble Corner – Grumble corner in Crosspatch town, And he never was seen without a frown. He grumbled so much at his wife that she Began to grumble as well as he” .

The route by which God had guided Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt and eventually into Canaan was a long and hazardous one that went through the Sinai Peninsula. We can only imagine the reason for this was that it would be far harder for the Egyptian army to come and find them there rather than along the much shorter coast road next to the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, there was plenty for the people to grumble about and it was easy to lose sight of the ultimate purpose of the long journey – freedom to grow and really become God’s special people in Canaan. Most leaders have to cope with grumbling and criticism from those they lead. Moses, mighty man that he was, was no exception.

Try to cut down on the grumbling in your Christian community. Point out that it can be very disheartening to the leaders and ministers or priests who have a wide-ranging span of duties to fulfil. And their task is not to please the people. It is to minister to them and to lead them as a community. Point out things that are good and positive in your community, and try to focus on how you can as a group move forward together.


Lord, help us to overcome our habit of grumbling.