“Then Moses led Israel from the Red Sea and they went into the desert of Shur”.

Ex 15:22 NIV

We often say, “It’s a good thing we never know what’s round the corner” That indicates that, whether we know what’s round it or not there’s usually a corner of some sort coming up. Like is full of them. Time moves on relentlessly, and we have to move with it. Some corners mean we will have to change to meet what is the other side of them. But others are just a way of saying that the future is on its way and we can’t stop it.

For the ancient Israelites the dramatic encounter with God in his might and majesty at the exodus was a historic occasion. It meant the end of slavery and servitude. It indicated the glory of God and a whole new beginning for the nation. No wonder they celebrated with singing and dancing. That was now over. They had to set out on the long dreary journey to the land God had promised to them. And the route was through the desert of Shur which was at the northern end of the Sinai Peninsula. The way forward was going to be hazardous. It was untracked, empty and barren. It was forbidding and dangerous. But it was God’s way, and he was going to be with them all the way.

His way for us too, is often dreary, unwelcoming and even dangerous. It is seldom pleasant and easy. It is strewn with difficulties and detours. And often it is lonely and dark. Like his children of old he summons us to travel it. Along the way we discover that he has travelled it before us. And he journeys with us.


Lord, travel with me and make the desert alive with your presence.