“The people you set free from slavery. You bring them in and plant them on your mountain, the place that you, Lord, have chosen for your home”.

Ex 15:16, 17 GNB

Many people would regard the Bible as “a lot of ancient fairy stories”. Others might think it was “just a lot of old laws”. For others it would seem to be “some incidents from ancient history”. Then again others would regard it as “a lot of old stories full of Thees and Thous”. In fact it’s a collection of ancient books about God.

The exodus was the foundational event of the beginning of the Jewish people. It was like “1066 and all that” was for the British, or the French Revolution was for France. But the people who wrote down the story saw it as one great series of acts of God. It was more than a history of their beginnings. It was God taking charge and doing for them and in them his mighty act of rescue, liberation and redemption.

The Christian faith too is not about “how good a Christian you are”, but about how God is working in you and for you. It’s not about how good a knowledge of the Bible you have. Nor is it about how high a position in the church you hold – nor how many. It’s not a guide for success in the secular world. It’s all about God and what he is doing both in you, in your church and in the world. It’s about how he’s guiding history to the goal he has in mind at the end of time. Never miss the point, and never get confused.


Lord, help me always to put you first and foremost.