“You, Lord, will be king for ever and ever”.

Ex 15:18 GNB

Time is one of the perplexing factors in human existence. As the old hymn put it, “Change and decay in all around I see: O Thou who changest not, abide with me” Time brings change and decay, and that all brings sadness and grief. When we are young we want time to pass. It does. And all too soon we find ourselves wanting to hang on to it. On the wall of a university’s exam hall was the notice, underneath the clock on the wall, “Time will pass. Will you?”

Part of us yearns for permanence, for stability, for reliability. The problem the ancient people had was that they regarded their kings as being on a par with their gods. In some countries the king was elevated to equality with the god or gods of the nation. But the king wasn’t permanent. He was mortal. He would die and be replaced by another mortal who would also flourish for a while and then die. The Israelites had no king at the time of the exodus. But they had their God, and as they celebrated his triumph over the Egyptian gods by rescuing them, they exulted too in their God’s eternity. That is what God is about – he triumphs over the limitations of time.

And in becoming man in Jesus Christ, God entered into time and made it his own. So everything Jesus did and said was shot through with eternity, as are the places he lived in and walked over in Israel. And by putting your faith in him you become part of the ‘for ever and ever’ too. For always!


Lord, thank you for being “for ever and ever”. Amen.