“In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed”.

Ex 15:13 NIV

Newly appointed as a coach to one of the leading football clubs in Europe a man was asked what he would make the hallmark of his time in charge. Without hesitation he replied, “Professionalism. We are not here to play around or have fun. We are professionals”. Most leaders who know their job have a clear idea of what the body they are leading is all about. A university Vice-Chancellor would probably say that his leadership would be all about “superb teaching and exceptional research”.

For Moses, leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and heading for the promised land of Israel, they were conscious that God was leading them through the desert. The hallmark of his leadership was his unfailing love. They might meet enemies. Unfavourable weather could impede them. Wild animals might attack them. Water and food could become a huge problem (and it did). But God’s love would not fail them. He had brought the Israelites out of slavery. He was not going to leave them without care and protection now. They were his.

Plodding their way through life in the twenty-first century, many of Christ’s disciples will deem it to be a wearying desert journey with a multitude of obstacles and setbacks. Put your trust in Jesus just as Moses and the Israelites put their trust in Jehovah-God all those centuries ago (It was probably three thousand four hundred years ago). He is with you every step and throughout every day. And it is not just that he loves you. He loves you unfailingly however tough it might be at times.


Lord, I will trust in your unfailing love all the way.