“You are not grumbling against us, but against the Lord”.

Ex 16:8 NIV

Not only was Mr. Horner a determined grumbler (See March 16) so are we. At least most of us are. We grumble at the weather. We grouse at the government. We moan about the boss. We beef about the servant if we have one. We carry on about the children. We fume about the traffic. We lament about how little the money we have buys.

It is likely that the Israelites complained a lot whilst on their way to Canaan. It was a long way and took a long time. They blamed Moses and Aaron. But in fact it was God who had set them on the road. He was guiding Moses and Aaron. They were merely his instruments. They were leading the people but God was leading them. The people didn’t realize it but they were, in reality, grumbling against God. This was because their faith was shallow and their endurance was short-lived.

When Christian believers carry on this tradition of grumbling they too are railing against God. They complain because “the seats are hard”, because “the minister is so long-winded”, or because “the singing is slow”. Their grizzling indicates an emptiness in themselves. And a lack of awareness of God, his greatness and his glory.

Gratefulness is the answer to grumbling. In the desert, Moses instructed the people to see the glory of God and to remember who brought them up out of Egypt. This supreme fact and event was the reason for their being where they were. And however hard it was in the desert, it was infinitely better to be there and free than being slaves in Egypt.

Be grateful for every blessing you have too.


Lord, stop me from becoming a grouser.