“In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling”.

Ex 15:13 NIV

An adult female lion weighs approximately three hundred pounds but she will attack a buffalo weighing six times her own weight. Often it takes more than one lion to kill a buffalo. But lions are strong – and fast. Nature has many instances where brute strength enables an animal to survive. And sometimes the smaller animal can overcome the bigger one – often because it is faster. We all need some strength to survive, but we have different kinds of strength.

The Israelite tribe wandering through the Sinai desert was vulnerable in many ways. They probably knew that only the strongest ones would survive the long arduous trek from Egypt to Israel. And it took them forty years. They sung this song of joy and thanksgiving long before they arrived in the Promised Land. In doing so they were attributing strength to God. They needed it, and they knew that he supplied it. What is more they needed it long after they had arrived in Israel.

Christian disciples still rely on the power of God today. They need it for their daily living and in order to cope with the demands they face. There are many people all around with doubts and arguments who try to dissuade us from believing in Christ. Some sneer at us and deride us. We need courage in the face of such opposition. So did those early Christian martyrs who were burnt at the stake, or thrown to the lions. And there were thousands of them. We need strength not just for survival, but to follow the guidance of God as well. Often we cannot see where he is guiding us to and we need a strong faith to be obedient to the end.


Lord, let me derive strength from you all through.