“The people complained to Moses and asked,‘What are we going to drink?’ Moses prayed earnestly to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood, which he threw into the water; and the water became fit to drink”.

Ex 15:24, 25 GNB

We live in an age when protesting in public is an everyday pastime for some people. In the main streets of some cities not many days go by without a public march of protest taking place. Sometimes very few people apart from those on the march know what they are protesting about. And marching is much more fun than working!

Moses was a man of God. He knew that leading all these people across the desert that is today called the Sinai Peninsula was not going to be a joy ride. But he was not going to be thrown by this protest. Whether they knew it or not, he knew that they had a mighty God who was not confined to the flimsy resources the people could see and feel. His resources were massive. And Moses “prayed earnestly” to God. And the miracle happened. If leading the people through the desert was putting their faith to the test, praying earnestly to God for a miracle was throwing himself on God’s mercy and grace like he had never done before. It was proving God’s grace and compassion. Jesus Christ did exactly the same thing in Galilee when the boat was tossed in the storm, and when he fed the multitude.

However difficult it may be for modern minds to accept the stories of miracles in the Bible, it is a great step forward in faith when you do. And your faith will grow about other things as well.


Lord, help me to move forward in faith and trust.