“The leaders of Edom are terrified”.

Ex 15:14 GNB

A few years ago the then Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, said: “In politics you have one problem after another. You work hard on one problem and when you solve it another arises immediately and then you have tackle that one. It is one, long, never-ending problem game”.

We do not know whether the leaders in Moses’ time experienced the same perennial programme. Given their theological way of seeing things they would have plenty to worry about after God’s act of rescue for the Israelites when he took them out of Egypt. They would think, “If this amazing God of Israel can outwit the mighty Egyptians, then we’d better watch out. We might be next.”

The world leaders have plenty to see to. Today there are massive economic problems as well as the military ones. They know that terrorism can cause huge destruction on any day. The problems today are far more complex than the ones leaders had to grapple with in Moses’ day. Social issues like equality did not exist then but they are real today. And with the pressures brought about by the common people having access to the social media leaders have to reckon with a much wider awareness of all that is going on. Even the regular media bring much pressure as well. Christians are called to accept responsibility for the affairs of the world and may not abdicate involvement. Our faith is not, repeat not, an excuse for escapism. The very least we can do is engage in intercessory prayer for the people with direct responsibility. We can also be properly informed and support causes that require people of goodwill to be engaged.


Lord, show me where to apply pressure and what to pray for.