“At twilight you will eat meat, and in the morning you will be filled with bread. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God”.

Ex 16:12 NIV

When we are in a pickle we are sometimes tempted to ask in our desperation, “Where is God in all this?” The thinking behind the question though is really, “Is there a God at all? If there was one why would he allow such a mess to happen in the first place?” We are usually quick to doubt, and slow to believe.

That was exactly how the Israelites were on their wilderness wanderings. They did not have the benefit of meeting God and conversing with him at the burning bush as Moses had. They had put their faith in Moses. He was there. They could see him, hear him, and talk to him. But the God Moses talked about was conspicuous by his absence. And they couldn’t find a supermarket anywhere. God is known by his actions. And he acted in leading them out of Egypt and defeating the Egyptian forces. Now they had hit the new problem of hunger in a desert land. And he gave them food both at night and in the morning. This miracle carried a message. He was a God of bread and meat. He gave them life and sustained them in it. They had to do their part, but basically God was at it again – and they could see his action, and taste the result of it. They should have been glorifying God all the way to Canaan.

He still protects and provides for his children. In all the problems of feeding the world give thanks that God is busy working on his part of the problem too.


Lord, help us with the global problem of food supplies.