“Then Jethro brought an offering to be burnt whole and other sacrifices to be offered to God; and Aaron and all the leaders of Israel went with him to eat the sacred meal as an act of worship”.

Ex 18:12 GNB

Worship today takes many forms. Christian worship can be led by organ music in a vast cathedral with thousands participating and several people leading. It can be a gathering for silence. It can be led by a brass band or a guitar accompaniment with drums and pianos. A few people meeting under the African sky beneath a tree is often the form Christian worship takes. Animal sacrifice has been discontinued. Bells ringing, incense being wafted around – all these are methods by which people worship God.

When Moses and his father-in-law met in the Sinai desert it was something like three thousand four hundred years ago. The gift being offered had to be something that was costly, but it represented a gift to God. Money was hardly ever used at this time, if at all.

Christian disciples too, should see their form of worship as an offering to God. The prayers are an offering. The music is too. The presence and attention of the worshippers, even when they are largely passive, is an offering to the Lord, and the preaching or teaching is a gift to God as well. In some Christian groups the preaching is thought to be the main part of the service. Where Holy Communion is celebrated the bread and wine is understood as an offering as well. Nothing can serve as a substitute for the self-offering of the worshippers themselves. Above all, the worship should be an integrated whole, worthy of God and of his son Jesus Christ.


Lord, help us to make our worship a worthy gift to you.