“The people of Israel … came to the desert of Sinai. There they set up camp at the foot of Mount Sinai, and Moses went up the mountain to meet with God”.

Ex 19:1, 2, 3 GNB

Certain places have huge historical significance. Runnymede, an island in the Thames, was where King John signed the Magna Carta, which marked the first move towards democracy in Britain. That was on 15th June, 1215. On the 14th July 1789 a French crowd forced the gates of the Bastille prison in Paris and that too marked the start of French democracy. Mount Sinai was where God met with Moses and gave his people the Ten Commandments, the consummation of his covenant with his people.

The previous stories of the exodus describe how the Israelites were delivered from slavery and subjection to the Egyptians. Now on the heights of Sinai God reveals what he is delivering them to. “The people had learned much about the Lord, for they had witnessed his judgments on Pharaoh and Egypt, his power at the Red Sea and his wonderful provision in the wilderness. Their greatest privilege was yet to come. They knew now that the Lord was the sovereign Lord of the universe, and Lord of history, the only true God, whose word could be trusted absolutely. He was waiting for them on Sinai where he would show them his glory and majesty. It was the appointed place and time for them to consecrate themselves to him and become his own unique people for all time. Through them he would set up a theocratic (God-ruled) nation – the Kingdom of God”. (F. Hogan, Words of Life from Exodus, p161).

Centuries later Jesus would come and preach and embody that kingly rule of God for all people for all time.


Lord, thank you for your kingly rule.