“The whole earth is mine, but you will be my chosen people”.

Ex 19:5 GNB

Making a choice is always a tricky exercise. Having weighed up the pros and cons of this option and then that one, the person making the choice still takes a risk when it comes to time for the decision. If you are buying a house you have to choose between many on the market. The same goes for a car. And when it comes to choosing a marriage partner – many a well-thought-out-choice has turned out to be a disaster down the line.

All we can say about God choosing the Jews is that it was his choice in the first place. In most countries in those days the people chose their gods. With the Lord God it was the other way round. Despite their unfaithfulness, despite their vulnerability situated between the great empires, and despite their small size which was a distinct disadvantage, God chose them and covenanted himself to them through thick and thin down the centuries. It is a complete mystery why he did and many a learned scholar has puzzled over this strange fact. He could have chosen Egypt, Italy, Babylon, or Syria. But he didn’t. He chose little Israel.

The coming of Jesus Christ, and his decision not to lead a nationalistic uprising, has reduced the problematic element in the original choice. Now, because of Jesus, trusting in God has become a universal experience and it has opened the door to salvation for all. God’s love is not confined to one nation. “God so loved the world.” All may enter into that covenant relationship, and people of most nations now on earth have done so. Hallelujah!


Lord, thank you for opening the door for all humanity to know and love and serve you.