“Moses prayed earnestly to the Lord”.

Ex 17:4 GNB

“Archimedes, the greatest mathematician and inventor of the ancient world, performed a large number of experiments using levers to raise heavy objects. He is said to have declared that he could move the earth if only he were given a place outside the world on which to rest his lever. Many centuries later, Soren Kierkegaaard, the Danish philosopher, wrote: ‘The Archimedian point outside the world is an oratory where a person really prays in all sincerity and he shall move the earth’” (Soldier’s Armoury, 1970 p100).

When the angry Israelites rounded on Moses in their thirst in the middle of the desert, he turned to God in prayer. There were no water engineers to rope in. Nor were there “authorities” to refer to. There was no internet with websites on every conceivable subject under the sun. either. Just a big empty desert with only his fellow Israelites, himself – and God. It is probable that he became acquainted with the custom of prayer when he was alone in the desert before God spoke to him out of the burning bush and called him to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. He had known many long hours of solitude minding sheep then and it is likely that he studied in the school of prayer. Now he was in an emergency. The Israelites, he told God, “are almost ready to stone me”. In fact, in turning to God in prayer, he did the best thing he could ever do.

Take a leaf out of Moses’ book, especially if you have massive problems. Pray about them – or if it is just one, bring it to the Lord anyway. Go on praying until you begin to see daylight.


Lord, help me to keep on praying about my problem.