“Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?”.

Mk 16:3 NIV

The question the women asked each other on the first Easter morning is one that has a wider significance than just the problem at the tomb. We may all ask ourselves the same question, for most of us have stones that need to be rolled away and have no idea how to do it.

There is the stone of doubt. How ever could a dead man rise again? Were the disciples seeing an apparition? How could Jesus just flit in and out of places in the way described? Surely the disciples have just ‘cooked up the whole story?’

There is the stone of grief. The death of someone close hits us hard in the inner depths of our being. And when we are still wrestling with a major grief and another one, even a small one, comes along, it causes us emotionally to regress back into the depths again. Who will ever enable us to roll that emotional stone away and bring us out into the daylight of calmness and self-possession again?

Then there is the stone of self-pity that shuts us up into a tomb of infantile regression and withdrawal from the world of normal relationships and helpful attitudes. Who will liberate us to emotional health and spiritual maturity again?

The answer to these questions is the same one that the women at the tomb found – God! He is always the great mover of the stones that imprison us and condemn us to misery and unhealth. He lets us leave the tomb behind and calls us out to the glorious light of resurrection life.


Lord, roll away all the stones that trap me and bring me to your light again.