“Trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone because they were afraid”.

Mk 16:8 NIV

The accounts in the bible of what happened on the day of Christ’s rising are a bit scratchy. There is little wonder. People were totally shaken by what happened, Jesus kept appearing and disappearing, the authorities were involved because Jesus had been a prisoner of the state, and the soldiers had been found wanting so would be under discipline when their negligence got known. And his close followers would be under suspicion since the general public would assume that they had stolen Jesus’ body. And everybody would think that everyone else was lying.

According to Mark the three women went together to the tomb and were the first to see the empty tomb and to be told that Christ had risen. The sight of the empty tomb would cause alarm and they did not know what to think or do. They would be suspected of “funny business”. They were understandably afraid. But the good news that Jesus had risen was told, if not by these first women, then by other people. It is by one or more telling others that the ac- counts have got into the gospel story at all. And those others have spread the story. So it has gone on down the centuries, been translated into many languages, and has convinced millions of people. And now a world faith (the biggest world faith) has grown up around the story. And in this scientific age people, many with high levels of learning, accept the truth – and they tell others.

The Christian faith depends on those who know and live by faith telling others. It fails and will stop if people say nothing.


Lord, help me to share my faith with others.