“The Lord called to (Moses) from the mountain and told him to say to the Israelites… ‘You saw what I, the Lord, did to the Egyptians and how I carried you as an eagle carries her young on her wings, and brought you here to me”.

Ex 19:3, 4 GNB

Most of the operations which make the world go round derive from some sort of “bargain” or agreement. Citizens vote a political party into office saying, in effect, “We will entrust you with power. We expect you to run an economy that provides us with food, jobs, education and security”. It is a reciprocal arrangement, like a marriage, or a work situation.

The whole basis of Israel’s relationship with God was that of a covenant. “I will do this if you will do that”. Before disclosing the laws he was about to impose on them, God wanted to get the demands he was making into perspective. He had performed certain mighty deeds for them. First he had rescued them from Egypt by preventing the Egyptian army from following them. Then he had provided for them and guided them along the desert way to Sinai. And he had defended them from attack by the Amalekites. In addition he had brought them to this sacred mountain, Sinai, where he was now going to take them a stage further.

For Christians, their faith is based on the deeds and actions of Jesus Christ. He has lived and taught us, died to forgive our sins, and risen to point us forward in this troublesome world. He has inaugurated the kingdom of God and promised his abiding presence. He has sent the Holy Spirit to teach us and to bind us together and to empower us spiritually.


Lord, let me never forget what you have done for me.