“(Jethro said) ‘Praise the Lord, who saved you from the king and the people of Egypt! Praise the Lord, who saved his people from slavery! Now I know that the Lord is greater than all the gods”.

Ex 18:10, 11 GNB

We all like our relations, friends and neighbours to know when we have some special event to celebrate. They just have to know when we have come out on top, that we are winners, that things have turned out well for us.

Moses took Jethro into his tent and told him all the events that had happened from the Israelites’ escape from Egypt. He filled Jethro in on all the sufferings and hardships they had experienced in the desert. And of course it all showed Moses up in a favourable light. But it was what the events meant that was important, Jethro knew. They meant that Moses’ God, known as “the Lord”, was superior to the gods of the mighty Egyptians. There is something important here. The God of the Israelites was involved in their history. He was also involved in the history of the Egyptians. He was not just there to monitor their “spiritual life”. He guided the affairs of nations, their rising and their fall. He was therefore the sovereign Lord God over the nations!

Christian disciples today need to see the same thing. God doesn’t just happen to wipe our brows when we are in a fever, or cheer us up when we are down, or favour us with the occasional “blessing”. He is the God of the world, the Lord Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We worship him as such and seek in all things to serve him above everything else.


Lord, I worship you for all you have done, and will still do.