“What shall I do, then, with the one you call the king of the Jews?” Pilate asked them”.

Mk 15:12 NIV

On the morning of the first Good Friday Pontius Pilate asked the crowd in Jerusalem, “What shall I do with Jesus?” It is a question we all have to wrestle with. For we too have to decide what we will do with Jesus.

We can ignore him. Many do. It is the easiest option. It means we can drift through life with careless indifference, doing our own thing, going our own way. But it means we will miss out on the greatest dimension in human life – the depth, the joy, and the love of Jesus.

We can crucify him. Pilate did. By his evasion of his responsibility Pilate let Jesus die. We too can avoid responsibility, wash our hands, and try to ensure that Jesus is never heard of any more. There are many enemies of Jesus in today’s world. Pontius Pilate is alive and well. Christ’s influence on the world has been one of the most powerful forces for good over the centuries. But we could let the lights go out.

We can embrace him. We can say, “This man, who is both Lord and Saviour, gave his life for me. When I was fumbling in darkness, when I was ignoring God and therefore sinning against him, when I was floundering in meaninglessness and I had no purpose, no central dominating, guiding principle, he came. In his death I found the profoundest mystery and moving moment in world history. I will follow him, submit to him and serve him all my days. Through his resurrection I have a divine companion in all the changing scenes of life.


Lord, thank you for meeting me at the cross.