“The whole Israelite community left the desert of Sin, moving from one place to another at the command of the Lord”.

Ex 17:1 GNB

In the Second World War a sharp difference of opinion arose between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt over who would be the overall commander of the D-Day landings in Normandy. Churchill insisted it should be the British leader Montgomery. Roosevelt was equally adamant it should be his man Eisenhower The latter was appointed but the two commanders argued throughout the conflict, with Montgomery maintaining a bitter flow of criticism against Eisenhower. One day Eisenhower listened to Montgomery’s criticism and eventually said, “Monty, who do you think you’re talking to? Remember, I’m your boss”.

In the desert wanderings of the Israelites God was in charge. Moses, the leader, ensured that they were more than just a tribe of wandering Israelites. It was a pilgrimage under God’s guidance. He told them where to go. He directed. They followed, obeying whatever he commanded. He took them wherever they went. Always, God was “the Lord” the master of and in the situation. The whole desert was his as were they, his specially chosen people. And he both could and would steer them through whatever upsets, difficulties, privations and hardships would bar their way. He had set them off on their trek. He would not abandon them along the way.

Christian disciples know all about who is the master of their journey as well. The Jesus who calls them to the life of discipleship in the first place is the one to whose will they submit at every juncture of the road Even when they cannot see the way ahead they trust his guidance. And they follow it.

Do you?


Lord, take my will and make it thine. It shall be no longer mine.