“Love is never boastful”.

1 Cor 13:4 NEB

There is a self-effacing quality about Christian love. It does not want to push itself to the front nor jockey with others for positions that are deemed to be important. It does not elbow others out of the way nor trample on other people’s toes in its desire to be effective.

It is, sadly, a fairly common aspect of some people involved in Christian ministry that they talk about all the things they are doing and the load of responsibilities they carry. Some of them seldom talk about anything else. The real problem they have is that somewhere deep within they sense they are inferior. Then to convince themselves and to try and portray themselves in a better light they talk about all they are doing – often exaggerating somewhat in the process! One minister had to travel half way round the world to attend a conference. Later he managed to work one little incident into his sermon. “I got into the airport in New York (big glamorous place) and I noticed the chap in front of me at the passport control was the Archbishop of Canterbury (I travel with world famous celebrities). I said to the passport chap “Did you see that chap – he was the Archbishop of Canterbury?” The passport guy just said, “Who the hell is he?” (I’m more familiar with important people than he is). Implied was the subtle boast “Would you ever recognize the Archbishop of Canterbury?”

If you are serving Christ, doing a worthwhile job of work, playing your part in your local Christian church and allowing the Spirit of Christ to fill you, then you don’t need to sell yourself in any way. Look rather for ways to build up others.


Lord, show me ways to offer support to others.